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►About us
Synton–Tech was found in 1988, since then we are devoted to produce all kinds of passive components that including resistor, capacitor and inductor.
With 30 years experience of producing passive components, the quality control of our production lines are strictly conducted and our employees have been well educated to be excellent. In this knowledge based economic age, we are not only in manufacture industry, but also in service industry; providing stable and reliable components, punctual delivery and professional service are our expertises. Since Synton-Tech was founded, we continuously develop new products and expanding our production lines to satisfy the demands of domestic and international markets. Synton-Tech will be your new and best option.

In 1988, Synton-Tech Corporation was founded in Taiwan.

In 1991, new production lines of metal film resistor and chip resistor were being built in Hsi-Chih to be more competitive.

In 1997, Synton-Tech acquired ISO-9002 certificate.

In 1998, Dong Guan Plant was set up in Guang Dong, China.

In 2004, Synton-Tech acquired ISO-9001 certificate.

In 2005, Synton-Tech acquired ISO-14001 certificate.

In 2009, Synton-Tech acquired OHSAS-18001 certificate.

In 2010, Synton-Tech acquired QC-080000 certificate.

In 2011, Dong Guan Synton Electronics Co. Ltd. was established in Guang Dong.

In 2013, Dong Guan Syntronic Electronics Co. Ltd. broadened the variety of the product range of passive components to meet the domestic demands in mainland China.

In 2016, In order to expand the production line and provide more thorough service, Dong Guan Synton Electronics Co. Ltd. formed strategic alliance with Dongguan Kunmao Electronics Co., Ltd.

In 2017, Dong Guan Syntronic Electronics Co. Ltd. acquired the distributorship of UniOhm to enrich the product range.

In 2018, Dong Guan Synton Electronics Co. Ltd. formed strategic alliance with Xinchang Electronics Components Co.,Ltd. in order to further serve our customer.

In 2019, In order to fulfill customers’ one-stop shop shopping needs, Synton-Tech Corporation acquired the distributorship of Walsin Technology Corporation whose product line includes Kamaya automotive components and the whole series of Walsin products.


►Synton Philosophies
At Synton-Tech, it is important to keep our promises. We believe that integrity is the most crucial factor to keep our customers loyal and satisfied. We only promise what we can achieve. This means our customers know what they are getting and when they can get it. In order to keep our promises to the customers, we have well-trained employees to constantly provide updates and interactions with our customers. The customers always know what is going on, and are always welcomed to request for additional information.
Under the tremendous amount of pressure of international raw material price, Synton-Tech understands the importance of minimize the costs while maintaining outstanding product standards. Our 30 years of expereince, competitive pricing, and strict quality standards allows us to achieve almost zero defects for our products.
We provide our customers with superior customer service and most importantly, excellent after-sale service. We value every customer while understanding their individual needs, and we strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We believe in the power of teamwork and the significance of standardized procedures for our products and services. However, with that in mind, we are also very flexible regarding each customer’s special need. Your opinions and inputs are important to us, and we strongly encourage you to contact us if there are any concerns.
For the past three decades, Synton-Tech has become one of the leading companies in producing passive components in Taiwan and East Asia and continues to work towards becoming the industry leader. We have created a reputation for our business, and we have great confidence that Synton- Tech will make a difference to your business.

Synton Core Competence
Integrity • Professional • Innovation

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